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We are a multidisciplinary team composed of psychologists, industrial engineers, business managers, experts, and of course, market research specialists. We help those businesses and international brands take better decisions and get better returns through a complete understanding of the markets, the people, and the culture.

Our focus



Projects that increase your sales.

We have several services that generate value throughout the entire life cycle of the products with a focus on metrics, prices, distribution channels and marketing.



Projects that generate savings in costs and expenses

Strong decision-making based on powerful quantitative analysis and stats that allow our clients to find areas of opportunity and increase their efficiency.



Projects that safeguard the future of your business

In today’s fast-moving markets, the present is just as important as the future. At Synapsis we work with our clients in surveys that shape their products of tomorrow.

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Research problems are unique and there are many ways to tackle them on. For this exact reason, they must be solved using methodologies that answer the business owners’ concerns and support strong decision-making.

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Data Science

Businesses today are generating a very large amount of information. It is more difficult for operations managers to collect and process all these data to turn it into savvy improvement opportunities and early-detection systems that contribute towards cost-reduction and process fine-tuning.

 Our Data Science unit specializes in finding value within this data to transform businesses.

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Everyday, more valuable time is needed within organizations to generate reports and operation data leaving less time to analyze it.

 Our analytics unit automates this data process through common-use platforms, saving businesses time and money.

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Government & Sources

Most government administrations around the world have opened up their data to the public. The available information requires consolidation, structuration, depuration and analysis to be useful when it comes to decision-making. Our Gov & Sources unit is in charge of this task.

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Our spinoffs

Virtual Reality

Our Products

At Synapsis we have products that help your business through the entire life-cycle of a product. From strategy, to execution, we are a powerful ally that delivers simple and actionable explanations.

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